Hey there!

My Name is Tal  and I’ve been a programmer for over 22 years.

I’ve started with commodore, moved to IBM and Intel, from assembly & C++ (which are my personal two favorites) to .NET, PHP, Java, Python, ActionScript (flash), ROR (Roby on Rails), Objective C…

I have been developing for both mobile and Desktop platforms, including iOS and Android on mobile and Windows/Linux/Mac on the desktops using GTK, MFC, WPF  and many more.

Since my personal favorite OS is Linux, it is possible that many articles will be about it. I’m also using Windows and Mac, And I like them as well (beside the Mac, :)).

I will post here some administrative ideas, some programming issues and anything else that will pop in mind when I have the time.

If you like to contact me, you can use the contact me floating menu, and I’ll get back to you.

Any ideas / requests for articles are welcomed.


Hope you enjoy it.



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