Updating systray under ubuntu 13.04

OK. With the new release of Ubuntu, the systray is even less supported.

To make it reasonable again, some steps need to be taken:

add-apt-repository ppa:timekiller/unity-systrayfix

has to be execute to restore some of the lost capability.

Then make sure you have apt-get install dconf-tools This will assist you later on in setting the environment.
Now, execute the regular apt-get dist-upgrade -y to get all the updates and restart unity (you can just log in again).

Setting configuration

start dconf editor (Alt-F2 from unity) and then: navigate to com > canonical > unity > panel and then “systray-whitelist”. Here you can put any values you like to see. I like to see them all, (Skype, true crypt and what have you) so I have just put ‘all’.

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