Enabling the notification panel in unity

The problem? Unity does not show the notification panel. This is a big issue, since some applications reside only there,and without this applet, we can’t call them back after starting them, close them or configure them (yes, we can kill them, but this is something else).

we are going to use the command for this – there is an options for GUI, but it’s simpler.

just under the terminal, using your own username (no need for sudo or root) use this command:

gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Panel systray-whitelist "['all']"

Now, you might see the “all” part. This does mean that you can select only certain applications to go there, if you want them.

Who is locking my folder

Sometimes, you need to change or remove a folder. but what to do when you get this pesky message saying that the folder “was being used by another process”?

well, if Windows complains, it is usually right. more then that, it is usually NOT the antivirus. If you suspect it is, here is how to disable most antivirus programs.

So, to get to the process that blocking you from moving the file, you need some help. my best solution for this is the Process Explorer. This is a great tool. now to fine the offending process, you just click find and insert the name of the folder. you will get the process ID and name of the process that blocks it. You can even kill (terminate) the problematic process.

Now, make sure you do not need any data contains in this process, because once you killed it… well, it’s dead, and the data can not be rescued.