Basic iOS application

Unlike Android development, for iOS development you must have an apple computer (or equivalent…) running Mac OS on intel platform (that is, not an old one). the development tool for apple is Xcode, I’m assuming you got it all working and installed.

firing Xcode 4, this is what you will see (4.2 has a different start screen): You can select from many application types, the one selected is the simplest one, the Window based application. Lets select this one, in the next screen we select a name for this project, and a company identifier. The last is critical for submitting to the app store, however, it can be changed, so you can set it to whatever you want. It’s usually takes the course of a reverse domain name, as in the image below:

You can select device family, but we will leave it at iPhone. Core data is for local DB programming. Next you are asked for a location, and that’s it – you  are all set. You end up with the production screen.

Go and click Run. Xcode should build your application and start the simulator (unlike android, which uses an emulator). if you are getting an error, make sure you have no iOS device connected, and that your SDK architecture is set up (click on the blueprint icon, then to the right the other blueprint icon that change the Base SDK value to iOS XX).

Now, you do have an iOS application, that does… nothing.

lets click on the MainWindow.xib and add a label (all the GUI stuff are located in the right bottom corner. if you can’t see it make sure the right pane button is pressed)

Next, Drag a label and set the text property to Hello world!. You  can resize the label if it got to small. Run again.

Congratulation! You just created your first iOS application.