File listing command under windows

I got this simple request from someone I know. He wants to list all the files in a specific folder, copy them to a text file, so he can send these to someone else for processing.

Well, this is very easy. We just use the dir command for that, and then we redirect it to a file. For example, lets list all the jpeg files:

dir *.jpg > my_pictures.txt

However, We might have pictures in many formats. So, we would like to include these as well:

dir *.jpg *.png *.jpeg > my_pic.txt

That will do the trick. Note, however, that some header information is still included. We only want the file names, nothing else. So, we use the /b (bare – no headers) switch to achieve this goal:

dir /b *.jpg *.png *.jpeg > my_pic.txt

Now this is a serious progress. But… Lets say that our files are not listed in a single directory. Lets say we have some sub directories that we like to search as well. No problem! we will add the /s (sub directory) switch:

dir /b/s *.jpg *.png *.jpeg > my_pic.txt

That’s All! we can now list any Items in this folder and any folder inside it into a text file. if that is a big file, I suggest compressing it.

Windows/DOS commands

  1. Show the path variable: echo %path%
  2. list directories and files: dir. list one screen at a time: dir /p list item with sizes(recursive): dir /s. the / tags can follow (/s /p)
  3. print characters to the screen: echo
  4. Pause a batch with an option to abort: pause
  5. Copy file: copy
  6. Outputting data to a file instead of the screen (e.g. the dir command) dir >myfile.txt
  7. Delete file(s):del
  8. Display time: time. will also let you change it, so be careful!
  9. Display the date: date. will also let you change it, so be careful!
  10. Show command history:doskey. This is the default for modern Windows versions.
  11. Comparing two files: fc.