Using Mac OS in pc with virtualbox part 1

This actually works on both Windows and Linux. you do, however, need enough RAM for that to work and I would suggest an i7 CPU.

first thing – install virtual box (

Then, you need to configure your VB work with mac:

  1. Start virtualBox
  2. Click New->Next choose a name (I suggest any name with a Mac in it) The OS should be Mac OS X the version should be Mac OS X server (64 bit)
  3. Memory needs to be at least 2G. Meaning, at minimum you should have 4G of Ram, preferably 8 or more. Click Next.
  4. Create a new HD. Note the location of this new HD. I never use the default location. also, 20G(the default) is not enough. gice it 80 or more. have no fear! it will not take any room on your actual HD if it does not need it, so fell free to give it more (I used 320 GB). Done? select your newly created Virtual machine by clicking on it and then click settings. do not double click it
  5. When you are in settings, go to the system tab. make sure that the Enable EFI is unmarked.
  6. on the processor tab you can allocate more CPUs if you have them (using i7 you do)
  7. you should go to the display option (third from the top) and enlarge memory display to the maximum. monitor count will not work as for now, and you can only have one monitor under mac.
  8. you should definitely go to the usb section and enable USB 2.0. The thing is – you have to download the extension pack for that, but you should.

OK, this is done whats next? Now you need to get the Mac OS image file and set it up